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We understand that the time surrounding the need to make an insurance claim can be very stressful,that’s why we always endeavor to provide you with all the requisite information to facilitate ease of claim reports when you fill out the relevant documentation.

Travel Claim

Please complete the travel claim form from the insured person and return by email to within 90 days of the incident.  Copies of the following documents should also be supplied if applicable:

  • Police report in cases of theft
  • Receipts for any replacement items, accommodation costs, additional flights etc
  • Airline reports for any lost baggage or cancelled flights
  • Tickets for cancellation/curtailment of journeys
  • Doctors note if applicable
  • Confirmation of any taxes refunded by the airline for travel not taken – insurers will need this before any payments are made for cancellation.
  • Claimants should give an indication of whether any settlement cheque should be made payable to the individual or a department.

Please view the applicable policy excesses detailed on the travel and personal accident page as these will deducted from any claims settlement.

The Insurance section will process the claim and notify the result in due course.

Property Claim

Please complete the claim form and forward copies of any relevant information.

Laptop(s)/Desktop Computer(s)/iPad(s) claims – Insurers will request copies of the original purchase invoice and an estimate for repair/replacement

Please note that any incident where the final overall cost is likely to exceed KES.5,000 should be communicated to us as soon as possible so that loss adjusters can be notified. Please also note that remedial action (other than essential emergency action to prevent further problems) should be agreed beforehand.

Motor Claims

Attach the following document when reporting the claim;

  • Police Abstract Report
  • Motor Accident Claim Form
  • Copy of the Driver's License
  • Contact details & Vehicle Registration Number
Motor Theft Claim
  • Police Abstract Report
  • Copy of the Driver's License
  • Contact details & Vehicle Registration Number
Windscreen/Window Glass Claim
  • Photos of the damaged windscreen capturing the vehicles registration number.
  • Photos of the windscreen before & after repair and original ETR receipt if it's a reimbursement(refund).
  • For radio cassette/CD Player Claim please go to the Downloads section and fill the Radio Cassette/CD Player Claim Form
  • Original replacement receipt/Proforma INvoice (on reimbursement/refund basis only).
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Please contact the Customer Experience Team for advice and guidance on insurance issues, email, or Call Us On 0722 914 821/729497829.

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