"At Tarajii Insurance Agency,we take pride in creation of valuable experiences for our clientele by protecting what you value.."

About Us

Established in June 2014 as a company under the Companies Act Laws of Kenya ,Tarajii Insurance Agency is also Licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority to transact insurance business in Kenya as an Insurance Agency.Tarajii Insurance Agency is also a member of the Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (A.I.B.K) and a corporate member of the Insurance Institute of Kenya.

Membership & Compliance

Why Clients Choose Us

Negotiate with the qualified underwriter on pertinent aspects of the policy that may arise during the term of the policy.

Provide client with professional technical advice and advise on developments in the insurance industry.

Advise on the financial stability of the various insurers.

Assist clients with claim negotiations.

Undertake comprehensive risk management analysis & advise client on appropriate measures.


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